Alexa’s Nursery Ideas & Decor offers expectant parents and parent with babies a creative medium to a diverse variety of baby nursery room designs and ideas that are sure to fill them with inspiration for their next baby room decor challenge. We differentiate ourselves by providing cost effective ideas and information about products to make it easier on the moms and dads expecting a little bundle of joy.

When you share your nursery you are not only sharing your hard work, you are also helping other parents find inspiration in your creation. Our readers are always looking to find creative ways to decorate their babies rooms while trying to save as much as possible. We understand how expensive it can get to prepare for the arrival of a little person and we want our readers to envelop themselves in all these wonderful ideas shared by parents like you.

By doing so, you’ll be entered to win prizes, freebies, and giveaways brought to you by sponsors and the Alexa’s Nursery team these are products geared toward parents with babies and the ultimate purpose is to help them through the parenting journey. We love to hear your feedback on any products we recommend or products that we have yet to discover and that you absolutely love! Share them with us so we can share the experiences and spread the joy and in some cases uh oh’s with our readers.






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